Sommelier: unique and fascinating style

Stefano Morazzoni

Politecnico di Milano

From tBerlin Packaging Design Awards to high-quality rosé wine

Based in Villarrobledo (Albacete), Bodega Lozano has launched a new challenge with its “Lozano” rosé wine. It belongs to the ‘Selection of Origins’, a limited production of bottles for a high-quality wine, produced in the wonderful Mediterranean lands.

Bodegas Lozano is a 100 years old family business that has recently acquired a winery in the Rioja Alavesa and has presented this year a wine characterized by an elegant pale salmon pink color, clean and very bright. The smell has a high aromatic intensity, with a touch of blackberries, violets and grapefruit, on a floral background.

The bottle used by Bodegas Lozano is Sommelier, an innovative design created during the Bruni Glass Design Award 2015 by Stefano Morazzoni, former student at Politecnico di Milano.
Sommelier is an elegant and sinuous shape that has thrilled winemakers thanks to its unique and original design. It is available in flint and antique green colors and it is well suited for all kinds of products, from full-bodied to fresh and light wines.

Julián Aceves, graphic designer at Bodega Lozano, explains why the company chose this BGDA shape: “We wanted to put our bets on innovation, choosing a bottle that stands out for a unique design. Not ordinary but different, elegant and refined: all this was perfect for our rosé wine. We love working with Bruni Glass because it can offer a wide variety of different innovative designs and this is ideal for those who want a special high-end product with an original and modern shape. The Sommelier bottle is evocative of the Mediterranean fresh flavors, it is perfect to convey the idea of genuineness and quality”.

This 100% Grenache had a great success on the market. Is has run out in 2018 and stopped selling in September, returning to the market in May 2019.