Kolio Top: the new shape of olive oil

Designer: S. Sëppala

AALTO University (FI)

Simple and captivating at the same time, Kolio Top has attracted many companies in the olive oil sector. The enterprises producing extra virgin oil of excellence have always been very demanding and attentive to the smallest details when it comes to packaging because only a high quality container can enhance the genuineness of a product.

The company  BASSO FEDELE E FIGLI srl of San Michele di Serino (Av) that produces since 1904 the Basso oil, a product of the highest quality that has been able to maintain over the years a strong link between quality and innovation, is certainly one of these.

Basso, leader in this sector in Campania-Italy, was looking for a different shape for its new line of quality oils. Following a exhaustive research, the choice of the company fell on the Kolio Top that among the various forms proposed by Berlin Packaging Sales Team, was the most suitable for the new project as aesthetically different than the most popular bottles on the market.
The container is a concentrate of strengths thanks to its round shape which is beautiful and easily machinable at the same time.

The design of this bottle dates back to the 2009 edition of the Progetto Millennio contest (the current Berlin Packaging Design Awards), the biennial competition that offers to the young students of the best design schools in the world the opportunity to create new glass shapes. The project was conceived by the student Salla Seppälä of Art and Design University of Helsinki and was initially designed for the spirits sector. In a short time, its appeal has also involved other sectors such as those of wine and olive oil giving life to the Kolo Wine version and to Kolio for gourmet (also in the Top version).

Kolio was produced in the second half of 2017 and 35,000 pieces were sold in 2017, while in 2018 the quantity reached 75,000 pieces. The customization made for Basso Oil was designed by dr. Cavallaro of NJU COMUNICATIONS agency who has stated:
“The Kolio bottle was chosen for its simple shape but it is still able to give a premium appeal to the product that seems to be beautiful but not precious and therefore able to satisfy more categories of customers.
Even the choice of the labels was made using a simple color for each variety of oil.
Technically, the effect that has been recreated on the glass which many interpret as a straw envelope that binds the product to tradition, was designed to handle the bottle more easily being inspired by the old Fanta bottles, created to facilitate the consumer in taking the cold bottle out from the fridge. The final result of this envelope was random and unwanted but it is satisfactory since a project is considered successful when the customer is free to give its interpretation of the results”.
The new container has had a great success both in sales and in customers approval.

To demonstrate this, last week the bottle won the silver medal at the PENTAWARDS in New York