Audrey, from the Contest to the excitement of the wine makers

Christin Kruse


The elegant and stylish Audrey bottle, one of the winners from the Berlin Packaging Design Awards, went into production this April and has thrilled winemakers with its delicate feminine silhouette.

Submitted by Christine Kruse, a student at Munster University in Germany, the Audrey bottle was inspired by 1950s evening gowns. “The bottle shape reminds me of a delicate feminine silhouette,” Kruse says about the design. “The three levels of the bottle show the swinging motion of an evening gown – dancing, sensitive, and seductive at the same time.

It’s this feminine shape that has also appealed to winemakers. Marco Cerrutti, owner of Pidrin Agricultural Holding, chose the Audrey bottle for his rosé wine. “What I was looking for was a shape that fully embraces the idea of femininity and refinement that only this delicate wine can express.”
“My rosé wine is named “Mulier,” which means woman in Latin, and is dedicated to all women,” Cerrutti says. “My aim was to celebrate beauty and feminine delicacy in all its forms. And the Audrey shape, with its soft and subtle lines that descend like an elegant and wide skirt, was certainly the most suitable to convey that idea.”

Additional winemakers have poured their passion into the Audrey bottle and have witnessed increased sales as a result. Marie Curci, Berlin Packaging France Sales Manager, took the Audrey bottle to Vignerons du Mont Ventoux because the design seemed like a perfect fit for the brand. “The bottle was totally different from the Bordelaise and Bourgogne shapes they were used to,” says Curci. The Mont Ventoux team, composed mostly of women, chose the unique shape of the Audrey bottle which has helped them gain new customers, while also reaching a target price that they were unable to get with their traditional shapes.

The Audrey bottle is just the latest example of the amazing talents uncovered by The Berlin Packaging Design Awards, and exemplifies Berlin Packaging’s belief in fostering emerging talent in the field of packaging design.